Shaun Bailey

for London Mayor

Make London Safe. Make London Move. Make London Affordable.

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We live in the greatest city on earth. But over the last few years, our problems have started to overshadow our successes.

Crime is up. Investment is down. Our transport network is failing. And ordinary life is becoming too expensive.

Don’t you think Londoners deserve better?

I’m running for Mayor of London because I believe we can build a better city.

A city where the streets are safe for our children. Where ordinary people can afford to buy homes. Where the air is clean, transport is reliable and everyone can get a job and get on in life.

Together, we can build that city.

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I was born to a single mum on a council estate. I’ve been homeless and out of work. But I turned my life around. And I spent twenty years as a youth worker helping young people do the same.

My Plan for London


Crime is up. And when crime rises, it affects people, jobs, investment, whole communities. We deserve to feel safe when we walk around London. So I’ll hire 8,000 extra police to get criminals off our streets. And I’ll invest more in youth services, helping young people get out of crime and into work.

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Make London move

TfL is bankrupt. Crossrail is delayed yet again. The congestion charge has gone up. We need a transport network fit for a global city. So I’ll work with the government to secure investment in TfL and fix its finances. I’ll deliver much-needed improvements, like Crossrail and an electric bus fleet. And I’ll reverse the congestion charge increase on day one.

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For too many Londoners, buying a home seems like a distant dream. That needs to change. Right now, there’s a ban on using Strategic Industrial Land for housebuilding. I’ll end that ban and release land the Mayor isn’t using. I’ll also work with developers to get them building affordable homes.

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Make London green

London should be a great place to live and raise a family. That means every Londoner deserves clean air and access to green spaces. So I’ll work with City Hall to expand London’s green belt. I’ll create new national parklands. And I’ll introduce a Boris Bike-style scheme for electric cars.

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We live in a city of opportunity. But we need that opportunity to reach everyone. So I’ll work with businesses to create jobs. I’ll launch new trade missions to attract investment. And I’ll work with ministers to secure more money for high streets and our economy.

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Make London affordable

I was born in a council house. I know what life is like for ordinary Londoners. And I know that times have been tough. That’s why it’s my priority to cut the cost of living and make London more affordable for everyone. And I’ll start on day one by reversing the congestion charge increase.

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