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Conservative Home: Rakhia Ismail: I was a Labour Councillor in Islington for nine years. Here’s why I’ve joined the Conservatives.

I was a Labour Councillor for nine years and the Mayor of Islington for one year. Now I’ve joined the Conservatives. It’s time more people knew why.

I am an optimistic and forward-looking person. And I can see Shaun is the one to restore hope and faith for all Londoners, the one to deliver a safer, fairer, more affordable city. Which is exactly what Londoners care about — and exactly what my voters care about. I am counting on you to campaign with us and help elect Shaun Bailey, the Mayor that London deserves.

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Published by Kerry Halfpenny on behalf of Shaun Bailey, both of 4 Matthew Parker Street, London, SW1H 9HQ

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