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GQ: David Walliams meets London mayoral candidate Shaun Bailey

Not just a platform for future PMs, the office of London’s chief executive has muscled its way alongside New York’s as a major voice on the world stage – so it mattered this year when the incumbent sat on the sidelines. Might that be the opening Tory pretender Shaun Bailey needs to cut through? Written off by pollsters, pundits and even some in his party, he remains an enigma, whose values and history have gone largely unexamined. Ahead of the election, now fixed for 2021, longtime Labour allegiant David Walliams joined the candidate who could be the capital’s first black British mayor to assess his stance on culture wars, crime and Conservative urban neglect.

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Published by Kerry Halfpenny on behalf of Shaun Bailey, both of 4 Matthew Parker Street, London, SW1H 9HQ

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